Our Standards

You can bet your body
on EFX Sports®

When your body is your business, you can’t rely on just anything to fuel it. That’s why now more than ever, hard-training Athletes are relying on EFX Sports products to gain the competitive ‘edge’ they need. So what separates us from all the rest? Two words: Quality & Innovation.

We are in a very small, elite group, of Sports Nutrition companies. This means everything – from the purchase of raw materials, formulation and lab testing, to the manufacturing process, packaging, labeling and shipping – is all under one roof. We’ve even developed the novel, patented ingredients used in our products, such as Kre-Alkalyn, Karbolyn and Taxadrol. Who else can say all that?

Demand real quality. Your body deserves it!

Most companies talk about “quality”, but we wanted to literally redefine what it means in this industry. The current standards were too lax for us, so we created the “EFX Sports Quality Firewall™”. It’s easily the most stringent quality assurance and consumer protection program in the entire industry!

It all begins and ends with our incredibly strict product testing procedures. In fact, every product we produce must pass 3 critical quality checkpoints before, during and after production:

We test every barrel of raw material – every time!

We test products a second time while in production and every phase of production.

We perform even more quality control tests on all finished products as soon as they come off the line.

Facts about our quality

EFX Sports products are proudly made at All American Pharmaceutical, our U.S. based, 150,000 square foot Research and cGMP compliant Manufacturing facility celebrating over 30 in business.

We demand all products fall within 2% of label claims. Compare that to the industry standard of 5-10%!

An independent lab fully screens our products for banned substances down to parts-per-billion…and some down to parts-per-trillion!

We perform Toxicology tests on every new product we produce. (See below)

EFX Sports sets the standard

Before a pharmaceutical drug can be tested on humans, toxicology studies must first be carried out to guarantee their safety. As the name implies, these studies help to determine what levels may be chronically toxic and the possibility of dangerous side effects.

Even though Toxicology Studies are NOT required (and are extremely expensive), we perform them on every new product we produce. It’s yet another way for us to set the bar even higher for quality and safety in our industry.

Which One of Our Innovative Formulas Will You Use To Shatter A Plateau Or Win Your Next Game?

At EFX Sports, game-changing innovation is all about one thing: figuring out how to get better results for athletes. To do that takes a real lab, real technology and real experts, and that’s exactly what we have.

Facts About Our Innovation Ability:

Dr. Jeff Golini, PhD heads the Research & Development of our products in All American Pharmaceutical’s State of the Art 2,000 square foot laboratory. He is someone who’s spent his entire life in the gym and in the lab studying training, supplements, and nutrition.

Our Advisory Board consists of 2 medical doctors, our formulator, and a world-class medical researcher.

We are the original company to bring you multi-patented Kre-Alkalyn® creatine & the Ultimate carbohydrate, KarboLyn®. We’ve also developed exclusive delivery technologies – they’re the big “SECRET” behind why our products work so well!

At EFX Sports, We Believe…

You deserve real innovation that delivers real results.

You deserve products that always meet label claims.

You deserve to know that what you are putting into your body is always banned-substance free.

You deserve to never feel like you are taking a risk when you buy EFX Sports products.

You deserve products that are Formulated To Win™!