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Some play for the journey. Others play to compete. At EFX Sports, we play to help you WIN! That’s why we are in the continuous pursuit of helping you find that extra ‘edge’. It’s why our products are Formulated To Win!®
Keep conquering.

Scott Cunningham, President

EFX Sports is for ALL Athletes. We truly believe our products can help athletes at any level—Natural, Enhanced, Weekend Warrior, Functional Fitness, Professional—meet their goals more consistently and faster than any brand we compete with.

Our customers are athletes who’ve found their place in life and are driven by their passion to be the best. When it comes to supplements, they know that quality, not quantity, is the key to winning big. They trust EFX Sports because our products are guaranteed to be pure, effective and banned-substance free.

Seriously, is there anyone who doesn’t like to win? I know I sure do. That’s why I’m proud to lead a brand built by and for Athletes. Never settle for second place—EFX Sports products are Formulated To Win!

Industry-related experience: 18 Years
Areas of expertise: Business Building & Development, Sales, Supplementation, Contract Manufacturing
Hobbies or interests: Family, Competitive Sports, Boating, The Beach, Working Out

Chad Brown, Customer Service

Industry-related experience:  6 Years
Areas of expertise: Movement Science, Nutrition, Customer Service
Hobbies or interests: Baseball, Bodybuilding, Supplementation, Movie Quotes

Ryan Silveira, Regional Accounts Manager – East

Industry-related experience: 5 Years
Areas of expertise: Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, Management
Hobbies or interests: Fishing, Camping, Sports, Weight lifting, Country Concerts.

Luis Bernal, Regional Accounts Manager – West

Industry-related experience: 4 Years
Areas of expertise: Customer Service, Product Knowledge, Management
Hobbies or interests: Bodybuilding Enthusiast, Avid Gym Goer

Lenore Pierson, Sales Manager – Montana

Industry-related experience: 2 Years
Areas of expertise: Brand Management, Sales, Customer Service, Supplementation, Nutrition
Hobbies or interests: Traveling, Modeling, Exotic Foods, Running, Basketball

Winners rise above