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Ask The Trainer #125 – Creatine & Kidneys

Ask The Trainer #125 - Creatine & Kidneys

QUESTION: I had a question to ask regarding creatine use. Today,  I was in for my physical and I had to show my doctor all of the supplements I’m taking. I’m currently taking Pure Whey and Kre Alkalyn. My doctor warned me that I shouldn’t take Kre Alkalyn because it could do some serious damage […]

Ask The Trainer #111 – Gain Muscle While Losing Fat

Ask The Trainer #111 - Gaining Muscle & Losing Fat At The Same Time

QUESTION: I want to lose weight more than gain weight and gain muscle in my arms, back, and stomach. I don’t what supplements to take? Sarah ANSWER: Hi, Sarah. Many experts in the Fitness Industry claim it’s impossible to gain muscle while losing fat at the same time. This idea is absolutely false. As you build […]

Ask The Trainer #110 – Creatine and Older Athletes

Ask The Trainer #110 - Creatine and Older Athletes

QUESTION: Hi. I’m 51 years old, 5’8 and I weigh 210. Should I be taking creatine at my age if my main goal is to reduce body fat and maintain, if not gain, muscle? Also, what do you know about the supplement laxogenin? Worthwhile? Thanks, Ed ANSWER: Hi, Ed. There is significant evidence that suggests […]