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Ask The Trainer #107 – Squat vs. Leg Press

Ask The Trainer #107 - Squat vs. Leg Press

QUESTION: I’ve been losing fat and gaining muscle ever since I began reading your newsletter. I have a question about my leg exercises. I can leg press 500 lbs. for 8-10 reps, but I can barely squat 200 lbs. for 8 reps. Squats always feel brutal, but for some reason, heavy leg presses feel both […]

EFX Sports Show 48: Meet Wade Johnson Elite Powerlifter & Trainer

EFX Sports Show

Dr. Jeff Golini and Brian Andrews speak with Wade Johnson. He is a lifetime drug-free powerlifter with world-class lifts. Listen now! Have A Question? Do you have a question for Dr. Golini and Brian Andrews? Would you be a great guest for the show? Click the button below to submit your question or to tell […]