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Ask The Trainer #132 – Cycling Test Boosters

Ask The Trainer #132 - Cycling Test Boosters

QUESTION: Should I cycle off & on a test booster and how? I’m over 60 years old – workout 5 days per week – just finished MFT28 (only did morning routine vs twice per day). Started your 8 week program yesterday. Eric ANSWER: Hi Eric. It is a great idea to cycle off of natural […]

Ask The Trainer #118 – Test Charge

Ask The Trainer #118 - Test Charge

QUESTION: Hi. I had a question regarding the Test Charge. Will I need to take a pct (post cycle therapy) supplement after this? Also, what can I expect to gain from using this kit? Steve ANSWER: Hi, Steve. The short answer to this is no. To better understand how Test Charge effects the endocrine system, […]

Ask The Trainer #116 – Fighting Low Test

Ask The Trainer #116 - Fighting Low Test

QUESTION: Hi I am 33 and have hypogonadism. I have no testosterone and the doc wants me to be put on Androgel and I don’t want to be put on something with a lot of side effects. Also, I would like to learn what to eat in having low testosterone. Any helpful information would be […]

Ask the Scientist #74 – The “Low T” Issue

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In this episode, Dr. Jeff Golini talks about “Low T” and gives his best recommendations for dealing with it without drugs. Ask The Scientist is a show dedicated to busting myths and giving you the truth. Dr. Jeff Golini is here to answer your most pressing questions about ingredients and products because the truth starts […]